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I’m a mom. Sometimes I feel like mom of the year. But most times I feel like I belong in a padded room. I spent the last four years at home with my girls, rarely having a conversation that didn’t involve poop, snot, tears, tantrums, or Blue’s Clues. I craved adult interaction. My husband (the Nerd) suggested I start a blog. It turns out having a blog is like having a conversation with the one or two thousands of adults that read this all at once, where no one interrupts you. Win. Because if I didn’t start having adult conversations with at least imaginary people, I was going to lose my mind. Add to that the fact that our middle terror, Goo, was recently diagnosed with cancer, and I found a very real need to connect with real people. Through the internet. That I’ll never actually meet.

You might enjoy this if:

  • You’re also a mediocre parent of one or more children.
  • You are currently facing, or have faced, the trials of having a child with a serious illness.
  • You consider sarcasm a language.
  • You’re addicted to coffee.
  • You’ve researched the return policy on the hospital or birthing center where you had your children.
  • You ran out of wine, and that might be the straw that breaks the camel’s back.

We have three girls, all awesome. They get that from me. The Nerd (aka, Daddy)  is awesome, too. He’s into computers. And music. And bands you’ve never heard of. And me, which is nice.

Punkin is 8 going on 30. She’s the smartest kid I know, and the best big sister to ever walk the planet, no joke. She loves to read, snuggle, make up silly songs, and wear clothes that don’t match at all.

Goo is 4. She is terrifying strong-willed. Everything Goo does, she does intensely. Even her heart rate is intense. She was born with superventricular tachycardia, which means her heart rate was sky high, resulting in her very first ambulance ride at 8 hours old. She’s been doing things to scare me ever since, like escaping from the house, naked and unnoticed. But she loves intensely too, and that makes her super awesome. She is currently battling rhabdomyosarcoma, a cancerous tumor in her head. And she’s totally kicking its butt.

Smush is 2. She is sunshine personified. I have never met a happier baby. She does things at her own pace, and smiles all the time. Even the worst days are better with her around. Paradoxically, she is also an absolute terror who loves nothing more than to destroy things. Everything. Baby proofing? She laughs in the face of baby proofing. Luckily, she’s super cute.

I’m the Mediocre Mom. I love my family more than anything in this world. And while I have my fair share of days that cause me to question my sanity, I wouldn’t change a thing about them. I’m also a science geek to the core. I try to keep the science speak to a minimum, but sometimes it slips out. Oh, and I’m completely addicted to coffee. Admitting you have an addiction is the first step to overcoming it, but I have no intention of moving beyond that first step.

We’re all Christians, too. My life is a delicate balancing act, and this is an attempt at holding on to whatever shred of sanity I have left after the rest has been claimed by laundry, dishes, tantrums, toddlers, hospitals, and bills. These are adventures in mediocre parenting.


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  1. I love your about page. It tells me so much about you and your family.

    It is always nice to know we aren’t alone in our parenting frustrations, because we love our kids. Really, we do. But sometimes…

    We want to lock ourselves in a closet.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog! Your comment made me smile.

  2. Nice to find your blog–it’s always nice to find other parents perfectly willing to embrace their mediocrity!

  3. Really loving your blog and many thanks for following “confessions of a heretic”. It’s lovely to find a Christian who is not offended by atheism; or are you just testing your “patient and unoffendable prayers” to the limit? My wife and I are also writing a parenting blog; if you want to check it out. It won’t be as laugh out loud funny as yours, as it’s a precursor to a business we’re setting up, so we have to keep it professional-ish, but hopefully you’ll find it mildly amusing. I’d like to put a link to this one on it if that’s ok?



    • Haha! Testing my prayers, yes. I actually didn’t even realize I followed that one, I thought I had clicked to follow Not Pink or Blue, but I’ll follow both. 🙂 Faith, or lack thereof, should never be offensive or hateful. Parenting on the other hand… 😉

      Oh, and feel free to add a link. I’d welcome the traffic. 🙂

  4. a niece linked your blog in one of hers…..I am a retired mother of two, grandmother of two, to children/grandchildren that live in others states far away. I enjoy reading your blog… makes me laugh, brings back fond (and not so fond) memories of when I was in your shoes. Keep at it! Parenting is the most IMPORTANT job you will ever have!

  5. You just made me lol! I think we were reading each other at the same time. My subscription notification for your blog and new follower notification from my blog came in at the same time. Thanks for joining the j85 circle!

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