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Parenting FAIL Posts

A collection of my most epic parenting fails, conveniently in one location so you spend less time navigating the site, and more time feeling better about your parenting.

Destruction in t-minus 10, 9, 8, 7…

Abandonment issues.

Why moms don’t get potty breaks.

Accessories make the outfit.

Be careful what you wish for.

Where I lose my mind. Again.

Oh good, I did put it away. Not.

That’s not what she meant.

Pride goeth before the fall.

How to avoid potty training: A message from my toddler.

Crazy grocery store mom.

I thought you took care of it?

How was this a good idea?

This time it wasn’t my fault.

Why it’s never safe to make fun of someone’s age.

Just a few more minutes.

Favorite mantra.

If my kids made the rules.

Santa needs to keep his mouth shut.

Those aren’t candy.

Maybe we should have another talk.

You’re going to want to replace that.

I get paid for this.

A healthy dose of normal.


Let’s not forget how lazy Mommy is.

Why do I even bother?


Meeting the neighbors.

Summer art projects.

A destructive, yet photographic, journey.

Manners are so important.

Look, Mommy, gloves!

Is she…twerking?

I’m moving to Australia.


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