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Father’s Day: Let’s not forget how lazy Mommy is.

I really like Father’s Day. I like honoring my husband for the wonderful father he is. I like calling my Dad to remind him that I’m still his little girl (which I now totally get since mine will always be my babies), and I like feeding my father-in-law steak until he passes out on the couch. Because if anyone deserves a nap, it’s that man.

I also like (trying) to let my husband sleep in. We both know this is impossible because we live in a very small house with three very loud children. But I try. Punkin and I hung banners she made for Daddy and Peepa over the fireplace, I made sure everything was clean and sparkling for the morning, and I got up early to start the cooking frenzy that is Father’s Day. I made a 3-course meal for 8 people, breakfast for the Nerd, and – once the littles reminded me that they hadn’t eaten – breakfast for the kids.

We did the church thing, the eating thing, the napping Dads thing, and then the gift thing.

And this is where it gets ugly.

Let’s not forget that last year, Daddy’s boundless love was praised through word and art, and mine? Mine was hallmarked by how I like wearing sweatpants.

This year was no different. Punkin always makes little projects for Mother’s Day and Father’s Day. Here’s mine from this year:



I like sleeping. Super.

Here is the Nerd’s:


Her Dad is the greatest! He probably even cooks and cleans and takes Goo to every single hospital appointment since Mommy is so busy sleeping! Yay Daddy!

I’m not bitter.


About Mediocre Mom

I am a wife to the man who was made for me, and mom to three amazing girls: Punkin is eight, Goo is four, and Smush is two. I'm a Christian, a science geek, and completely addicted to coffee. Trying to stay sane one day at a time. Lowering the bar for moms everywhere.

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  1. I got hooked on your blog via your sister in law…she was my bestest friend growing up. You are such an amazing story teller and it cracks me even more as I read these because I grew up with your Nerd only a year older than me and your in laws were my 2nd set of parents, so I have faces and memories of my own to put with your stories. I am so happy to see “the Nerd” has such an amazing wife and family and my thoughts go out to you all with everything you are going through. Much love to the family…from their old across the street neighbor:)

  2. Oh how familiar this is!
    Daddy’s the best because he takes the girls swimming while Mommy prefers staying on the couch, reading a book.
    Now for the background story: This happened ONCE in the last 11 years while Mommy had a viral flu and temperature just below boiling point. And no, I did not read a book. I felt too sick even for that.
    Everything else I remember must have been part of my feverish dreams: taking the girls to swimming classes – yes, that was me! – and riding lessons and taek-won-do-trainings. And all those birthday and sleep-over parties with all the preparations obviously never happened.
    I guess Daddy even baked the miniature cakes and muffins for Mr. Teddybears 27 birthday picknicks last summer.

    • Hahaha! I love it. We literally sacrifice years – YEARS – and they hallmark that one time we slept in. Or that time I spent a week in bed because I couldn’t stop puking and ended up in the hospital. Why? Because I was pregnant and busy giving them life. No hard feelings. 😉

  3. Several years ago I got a card from my oldest. Here’s what it said: Dear Mom, Thank you for all the wonderful gifts you have given me. I’m sorry for all the trouble I have caused over the years. I will try to be better.”

    Wow, can I get a side order of shame with my guilt? Nothing makes you feel awesome quite like a card like that, right? Good grief these kids and their perception! 😉

    • Oh man. Ouch! My middle (Goo) has a knack for that. “You always yell at me all the time because you never let me have gum!” Umm, yeah. Let’s remember that next time you want a play date. 🙂


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