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Sticking it out. Because I’m dangerous on my own.

After a shocking response to my last post, I’ve decided to stick it out. Largely because apparently I’m the only one who was expecting daily Pulitzer prize-winning posts. You guys are all just happy to hear stories of how my kids peed on the floor, and I can totally do that. Particularly since I’m potty training Smush, much to her chagrin, and so there literally is a child peeing on my floor. Super.

I make no promises about frequency or regularity, but I realized that I can just give you a heads up when I have some asinine topic to share, and you guys are totally okay with that. Because you all rock.

Also, I need your help.

The past few weeks, I’ve noticed that my sweet little Smush is completely and utterly out of the baby phase. There is no baby-ness left. She speaks clearly in full sentences, she runs and plays and counts and sings her ABC’s. She’s going to use the potty any day now or hell hath no fury. And instead of cartwheeling and singing rousing renditions of Free Falling by Tom Petty, I’m missing tiny baby feet and coos and snuggles. And I’m noticing all my friends having teeny tiny babies and that makes me miss it more. Because I’m clearly insane.

This is where you all chime in and tell me that I can barely hold my schmidt together with three kids, and the fact that I’m even thinking about babies is cause for a 24 hour psych hold. 

I’ve already firmly established certain criteria for another human being in our lives: I will live in my own house, where I can install electric fencing to ward off “just popping in” visitors if I’m violently puking my way through nine months of baby growing. (Can you tell how much I love pregnancy?) Plus that would mean we’re a little more financially secure, and that’s the responsible thing to do so I don’t end up like Octomom. Because no.

So there will be no more humans until I own a home. Period.

It is your solemn duty to remind me of this. And of the fact that I started this blog because my kids make me certifiably insane, and I probably shouldn’t subject another human to that voluntarily.

Finally, a very heartfelt thank you for all the love. For reals. Because some days,I really need to know that I’m not the only one hiding in the closet eating the last of the chocolate covered cashews while the kids paint the walls in toothpaste. You guys are the bees knees.

About Mediocre Mom

I am a wife to the man who was made for me, and mom to three amazing girls: Punkin is eight, Goo is four, and Smush is two. I'm a Christian, a science geek, and completely addicted to coffee. Trying to stay sane one day at a time. Lowering the bar for moms everywhere.

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  1. You are a gem, I am glad you decided to stay. I, too, am certifiably insane as I am craving a baby as well; as if 7 weren’t enough. I enjoy your blog because you say exactly what I am thinking and you share some funny and all too real situations. Thank you for being real! 🙂 Looking forward to more.

  2. Danielle Holton

    I am sooo glad to hear that you are still going to do your blog!!! Its nice to know we as mom’s aren’t in this alone!! Prayers for you as try to figure out the logistics of everything!! And no more babies now!!!

  3. You have no idea how happy it makes me that you’re staying(:

    I have no kids of my own yet, but my younger sister has been my responsibility for almost 3yrs. You would think that at 16 she would be a little less helpless but no. Anyway, you are relatable. Even to someone who is just a caretaker. When I know that I am not the only one who has someone at home who can destroy a freshly straightened room just by walking in the door (because ADHD is sooo easy to live around), it makes me want to pull my hair out a little less.

    And you. If you need that extra push with anything, reach out. Not like teenage girls reach out for attention on Facebook, but you have a whole community you have built for yourself and we all, to whatever degree, care about you(:

    • “Not like teenage girls reach for attention on Facebook” – literally laughed out loud! Oh my, thank you for that. I so appreciate the support. And I would say caretaker of a 16 year old with ADHD puts you into SuperParent (parent-ish) territory. 🙂

  4. LOL your post always make me smile and make my life with my toddler feel normal even on his crazy days when I want to lock myself in an attic

  5. How many followers do you need to start making money? Everyone who has toddlers at home needs to know they are not alone! I am planning on sharing your blog right now. Do people need to follow it? or just read it? Let’s help a writer out folks!!

    • Thanks, Cari! I’m not sure of an exact number, but…a lot. In the tens of thousands I would assume? Maybe? I should probably look into that, haha. But seriously, thank you for the encouragement! I think the main thing are “hits,” or the number of times the site is viewed. I’m still learning. But for now I’m going to enjoy the ride and take some of the pressure off.

  6. I loved being pregnant and I love kids, I grew up in a family of 4, my husband was in a family of 5 but we stopped at 2 because we couldn’t afford anymore. 😦

    • They are expensive little buggers! I spent most of my childhood as an only child, but my husband was one of four kids. We both wanted four when we got married. Because we’re crazy like that. 🙂

  7. Oh girl… Slow your roll! My youngest is 6.5 and I had a moment, however brief, last week when I thought “Do I want to do it just one more time?” Then the universe guffawed at me and I remembered where I was… In the middle of the day, working from home, with 2 loads of laundry going after a great workout in my garage gym. None of that would be possible with another little one. And better yet, in a few shirt hours I’d get to pick my boys up from school without waking anyone up from a nap and take them for an after school snack, bike ride and then homework.

    Sure, babies are sweet and wonderful. But a little Me Time and big kids rock too!! It’s our reward for not eating our young;)

    • “Slow your roll!” I’m not totally sure what that means, but it sounds cool so I’m going to take your word for it. 😉 I am loving the big girl stage with Punkin. It gets really fun when you can really “hang out” with them, and not just sing “The Wheels on the Bus” four hundred times. 🙂

      • Slow you roll is my favorite phrase in use with my kids. When they tackle me at pick up with requests for slurped or play dates before I’ve even had the chance to kiss them hello, when they are explaining (read: tattling) on what the other did, or doing anything else at Mach 7 I tell them to “slow their roll” so I can catch up and process. It’s a hip way of saying “take a breather.” I’m down with tween lingo:) (I’m so NOT down with teen lingo)

      • Evidently, neither am I. 😉 Punkin was blown away when I knew the lyrics to a Demi Lovato song the other night.

  8. Your posts are so funny and wonderful. Love you and your family!!!! God bless you all!!!!

  9. I don’t have kids yet but I love your blog, it makes me want my own babies even more! Hopefully soon! I share it with all my mommy or mommy to be friends too!

  10. High five for sticking with the blog. And I totally feel you on the babyitis – I have waves of it myself. But I love Vicky’s comment and keep reminding myself of the same – I think I’m ready for some Me Time.

  11. I am very glad you decided to stick it out. I have a five-month old daughter, so I’m new on this crazy train, but some days I already feel like I’m sitting right up front in the striped hat blowing the conductor’s whistle. All aboard!

  12. I don’t blame you! My little one is only 6 months now and I can tell already how much I’m totally gonna miss this time later on. He’s so little and adorable with tiny toes. I just try to enjoy every little moment. Way too soon he’ll be running around like crazy and painting the walls with toothpaste like you so delicately put it 🙂 Found your blog through Bloggymoms. Really enjoy your writing. x

  13. ❤ love your stories. Don't ever stop!

  14. Phew! I was scared for a second there! The world NEEDS your blog!!!! And I get it the babyitis (since I am about to have #4 in a few weeks)….u def need your promise land! Turning up the prayer!!!! Xo


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