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Dear Goo, I love you.

Dear Goo,

I love you. When I found out you were coming, I couldn’t wait to tell Daddy. I was so excited I thought I would burst. Daddy and I thought long and hard about what to name you. He suggested your beautiful name, encompassing a portion of your great-grandmother’s name, and bearing the meaning, “Grace. Consecrated to God.” I love that. And I love you.

I love your passion. When you are happy, your smile could light up the darkest night. When you are sad, your tears could fill the deepest ocean. And when you are angry…well, watch out! You feel everything deeply, and though at times I don’t know how to handle that, I love that you are intensely invested in every moment. Never lose that passion for life, Goo. I love you.

I love your independence. “I can’t,” isn’t part of your vocabulary. And while, yes, this sometimes makes me crazy, I love that you never view circumstances as obstacles that block your way to success, but rather as challenges that you will overcome. Right now, those challenges involve the best climbing apparatus for reaching the permanent markers or cereal boxes. But they also involve eagerly helping me prepare meals, sort laundry, and wash counters. You love to do things yourself, and you are ready and willing to use that gift to help others. You don’t always ask permission, and while right now that can be a problem, someday it will help you. You won’t ask whether or not you can reach for the stars. You won’t ask whether or not you can succeed above and beyond what others thought possible. You will just do it. You will grab the stars with passion and zeal. You will soar to heights I never dreamed of. You will bless those around you. And for that, I love you.

I love your determination. There is no such thing as “impossible.” Whether it is a door knob, child-proof bottle, or cabinet-locking mechanism, you have conquered them all at the ripe old age of two. This presents challenges for Daddy and I, because we need to keep you safe. As you grow, don’t look at our limits as attempts to stifle who are you, but as guides to channel your passion, independence, and determination into tremendous victories. I have no doubt that there is not a task in the world that you cannot accomplish if you set your mind to it. I love you.

I love your sense of justice. If Mommy or Daddy raise our voices to one of your sisters, you boldly proclaim, “Mommy! That’s not nice yelling at Punkin!” You have a deep sense of what is right, and fair. At least sometimes. Because you’re still little, you’re still learning that you can’t have or do certain things. But that’s just for now. As you grow, so will your opportunities, and abilities. So never give up. Never forget that you can stand up for what’s right. Stand up for those who have been wronged. And always know I love you.

I love your love. Though you don’t always want a hug or kiss, I always know you love me. Your love has transformed the most difficult days into treasured moments. You remind me of how truly blessed I am to have you girls. I love you.

You challenge me, without question. But God gave you to me. Because He knew that I could not only teach you, but learn from you. I will do my best to never stifle your passion, but encourage you to use it in the best ways. I love you as far as the north is from the south, as far as the night is from the day. I love you, Goo. Always and forever.




About Mediocre Mom

I am a wife to the man who was made for me, and mom to three amazing girls: Punkin is eight, Goo is four, and Smush is two. I'm a Christian, a science geek, and completely addicted to coffee. Trying to stay sane one day at a time. Lowering the bar for moms everywhere.

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  1. LOL! Did I write this…..I am seriously laughing at the adorableness!


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