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There’s a kangaroo in my bathroom.

A conversation between Goo and me yesterday morning:

Goo: Mommy, I hear it!

Me: What do you hear?

Goo: A kangaroo! It’s in the bafroom!

Me: …

Goo: Come and see it! (runs to the “bafroom”) See! It’s right there!

Our bathroom resident.

Goo has an interesting imagination. She periodically goes through phases where she “sees” animals in unusual places. The first time this happened, she was looking out our living room window and exclaimed, “Mommy! A white horse! In the road!” There was no white horse. I looked long and hard. Nothing even resembling a white horse could be seen in the road.

The next time this happened, Goo would yell that she saw a heffalump in the sky every time we drove down a certain street. Daddy and I looked each time, thinking maybe there was a sign with an elephant on it, but never came up with a reasonable explanation. At this point, I started joking that it was the alcohol in her heart medication. However, Goo is no longer on heart medication (yay!), so I have no logical explanation for her delusion of a kangaroo in our bathroom. I do know that it made me literally laugh out loud when she said it.

Here’s the thing: Goo is in a particularly aggravating stage right now. She’s trying out her theory that talking in a Steve Urkel-like whine is the best form of communication. A whine that makes listening to a CD of nails on a chalkboard sound like a relaxing activity. She also enjoys saying the same thing over. And over. And over. To the point where I have to raise my voice and talk over her just to tell her that yes, she can have milk with her breakfast. I’ve been trying to explain that if she just shuts her mouth for two seconds asks once and waits for Mommy to answer things will go much more smoothly, and generally without involving a time-out. She still hasn’t quite gotten that idea yet. So our days together have been a little strained. But that’s the thing about Goo: as much as she can absolutely infuriate me, she can say one thing that gives me an endorphine rush like I just won a shopping spree to Target. So yes, yesterday was a rough day with her. But when all was said and done, I can’t remember one specific thing that she said that made me crazy. But I do remember the one specific thing that made me laugh out loud. Right now my days are filled with lots of whining, lots of repetition, and lots of aggravation. But yesterday, there was a kangaroo in my bathroom. So I guess I can’t really complain.

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I am a wife to the man who was made for me, and mom to three amazing girls: Punkin is eight, Goo is four, and Smush is two. I'm a Christian, a science geek, and completely addicted to coffee. Trying to stay sane one day at a time. Lowering the bar for moms everywhere.

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