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Nailed It.

Last week I had one of those days where I felt like screaming, “Nailed it!” when all was said and done. One day, three kids, four doctor’s appointments, three hours of driving. I. Nailed. It.

Goo had her regular cardiology check-up that morning. And who got three kids dressed, fed, cleaned-up, and in the car with an arsenal of just-in-case supplies by 8:20 that morning?  That’d be me.

Cue the hour-long drive to the cardiology clinic, which is located in a city that, despite multiple appointments over the last 2.5 years, I have never driven to without getting lost. I literally have to give myself an extra half hour of driving time just to allow for the 847 U-turns I’ll make trying to figure out where the heck I’m going. So who got lost on the way to clinic? Not me! For the first time, I drove to the abysmal terror of a city without freaking out or getting lost once. I nailed it.

Goo’s appointment consisted of her regular EKG, and a consultation with her pediatric cardiologist where I was told she is DONE TAKING MEDICATION! As if that wasn’t enough to make my day, Goo seemed to understand my conversation with the doctor and came running up to me yelling, “Mommy! I all done medicine!” Score one for all of us. (Side note: her medication was 10% alcohol by volume. I may miss that factor when bedtime rolls around…)

I then packed the kids up and headed back home to make lunch, change diapers, and pack the kids up again because all three of them had appointments with the pediatrician. More driving. More unloading children. More doctor consultations. More reloading the children. And more driving.

Finally at home to cook dinner, straighten up the house, love on my kids, and get them ready for bed. I have three kids. I can lose my patience so fast it would make your head spin. But not that day. That day, I nailed it.


About Mediocre Mom

I am a wife to the man who was made for me, and mom to three amazing girls: Punkin is eight, Goo is four, and Smush is two. I'm a Christian, a science geek, and completely addicted to coffee. Trying to stay sane one day at a time. Lowering the bar for moms everywhere.

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  1. Tim the Enchanter

    Yeah you did. You’re pretty much the awesomest anyway, but this just goes towards proving it.

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